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Foot Reflexology in Houston, TX

Foot Reflexology in Houston, TX

Experience true relaxation with foot reflexology treatment at our
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At A Real Thai Massage in Houston, TX, our foot reflexology treatment is therapeutic for those suffering from day-to-day fatigue or discomfort, as well as those suffering from foot and ankle injuries. This type of treatment can relieve toe pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, arthritis and serves as a total body de-stressor. Our reflexologist addresses muscle groups, nerves and organs by applying pressure to different areas of the foot linking to physical responses within the body. Foot reflexology treatment stimulates the nervous system to bring your body into balance by finding points of pain and tension in the foot and working them.

Foot Reflexology Chart - Foot Reflexology in Houston, TX

Why Foot Reflexology?

Reflexologists believe that the different areas of your feet and hands correspond to other parts of your body. By massaging these pressure points, it is possible to stimulate your nervous system into healing itself.

Reflexology is used to treat several conditions. Upon meeting with our reflexologist, you may be asked about current medical and health issues, diet and daily activities.

The Benefits of Foot Reflexology

As stated above, foot reflexology can aid in treating a variety of ailments and conditions. Whether you’re faced with stress from day-to-day living or a chronic condition such as arthritis, you could benefit from foot reflexology.

Below, you’ll find some of the hidden benefits from foot reflexology treatments:

Foot Reflexology Prices
30 min - $45
40 min - $60
1 hour (60 min) - $70

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If you’re looking for an alternative treatment for various health issues, you may benefit from foot reflexology. At A Real Thai Massage in Houston, our goal is to provide a therapeutic treatment alternative that can help to bring your body and health back into balance.

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