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Thai Massage in Houston, TX

Thai Massage Houston, TX

Experience traditional thai massage from Houston's A Real Thai Massage!

Thai massage is a more rigorous form of massage than Swedish massage. It's sometimes referred to as "yoga massage" or "Thai yoga massage" because the positions that the practitioner stretches the recipient's body into resemble yoga poses.

Practitioners use their hands, legs and feet to stretch, pull, compress, and rock the recipient's body. These massage techniques allow the practitioner to directly alleviate chronic aches and pains by breaking down bands of rigid tissue deep within the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

What are the Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage?

A Thai massage from one of our experienced practitioners can have many health benefits:

What Can I Expect During My Thai Massage Session?

We recommend a 2 hour session for every Thai massage. Thai massage is an intricate process that involves your entire body. The practitioner will utilize all of that time to deliver a massage that produces maximum benefits.

Please let your practitioner know about:

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